Our beliefs

The system in our borough is not working and the entrenched parties don’t have the answers. We believe together we can bring long-awaited change to Kensington & Chelsea.

Local Politics Run Locally

The politics of national parties has failed us in Kensington & Chelsea.

On 3rd May 2018 you are not voting for your MP, you are voting for your Council. It’s not about National party politics it’s about good local Councillors.

No Absent Voices

For too many years we have had a one-sided and undemocratic Council that has not listened to all the residents in the borough.

Grenfell has changed this borough forever. We want a council that represents all of us and our diverse needs.

A Borough That Works

And this isn’t a dream. Our people have the skills and passion to get things done.

Our councillors will listen, hear and act.

We will fight for people, not for political parties.

Advance Together People

We will field candidates across the borough in the local elections to be held in 2022. We are your neighbours and friends; small business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers, community volunteers, skilled professionals and teachers.

Advance Together Ideas



We will create new social and affordable homes on Brownfield sites such as Kensal Green.

We will reform the planning process, making it more transparent and ensuring that no one with a vested interest will sit on planning committees.

Homes will be made safer and any issues raised by the community will not be ignored.


Keeping the Royal Borough Royal

We do not want to change our borough from being the ‘Royal Borough’ and we will make sure it does not happen under our watch.

Invest in Policing

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes and on our streets. Whilst the borough has cut spending and closed police stations, wealthy residents have invested large sums of money into private security without feeling commensurate benefits. If we pool resources, we believe we can provide better protection for us all.

Business rates

Our businesses are struggling with 140% rises in their rates. We need to protect and enhance our community by creating an environment for business to thrive.

Deliver a different council

We have huge existing resources and capabilities within our community, and we can no longer afford to waste that potential – ethically, morally, or financially. We want to bring new people with innovative ideas into the council to create different outputs.

Against Heathrow Airport Expansion

We oppose the construction of a third runway, a project which risks spending billions to deliver something that on completion would be twenty years out-of-date.

Deliver Cleaner Air

A healthy and sustainable environment is possible using high impact, short-term solutions to deliver cleaner air and streets. We support air filters in all our schools and the enforcement of no idling.

Protect our Markets

Our borough has some of the most incredible markets; Portobello and Golborne are world famous and need to be protected.

Supporting and helping Education

Our borough is home to fantastic charitable organisations and companies, who work on improving opportunites for the young and support adult education. We want the council to be the focal point for coordinating their efforts. This will create more desperately needed apprenticeships, mentoring and after school programmes. Our councillors will work on providing a vision and strategy for realising the skills future generations need.


High speed broadband is at the core of the future and businesses; small businesses in particular rely on it. In the 21st century we need this as the standard in our borough.


In Chelsea we oppose the station on the Kings Road. In the North, however, we support the construction of an overground station which will enable the creation of 5000 new homes, numerous jobs and much needed transport to the area whilst utilising a large industrial waste land.

Stand with our EU Community

We are positively pro-Remain. We love our diverse community, which is threatened by Brexit, and are standing up for our EU citizens.

Keeping Adult Social Care local

We want to look after all our residents and ensure that the council creates extra care housing and fulfils its obligations within the borough, rather than displacing local residents from the place they know and love to other parts of the country, where care may be provided more cheaply.


Our renowned carnival needs world class management, while maintaining the local flavour and traditions it was founded on. 

we want to encourage investment, support and local engagement

A better future built on many small ideas and one big vision

Advance Together – Is now a New Political Party

Advance Together will field candidates across the borough in the local elections of May 2018. Advance Together will be the only independent party challenging the Conservative-dominated Council.

Advance Together will focus on core borough-wide policy areas, and spend the coming weeks sharing ideas door-to-door and at community events:

  1. Reform housing and planning. To look after neighbours and neighbourhoods by creating new homes, reforming the process of planning and making homes safer.
  2. Provide opportunity and Create safer streets. Work to enhance all that is being done well in the borough and strengthen its impact. This will include apprenticeships, mentoring programmes and after school opportunities for our young people. Invest in safer streets programmes and police officers.
  3. Clean up our air. Using high impact, short-term solutions to deliver cleaner air and streets, air filters in all our schools and enforce no idling.

We will Challenge the council’s operation, working to ensure all voices are heard. We want to break the current system that allows for a small number of Councillors to make all the big decisions.

Advance Together candidates are a true reflection of the diverse communities we hope to serve – teachers, gardeners, local business owners, skilled professionals, community volunteers from here and around the world. All united by a committed passion to deliver on the promise – for people, not politicians.

Community and home

Build healthy homes and strong communities. We need to care for the young and old, the ill and the weak. We will promote opportunity and human rights and ensure that no one is discriminated against based upon race, sex, age, colour, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion or physical disability. When someone goes after any community we have to stand up against that.


We embrace the future and encourage technological innovation and the development of growth hubs. Rather than making prescriptive policies, we will establish clear goals. We can build a stronger local economy and healthier society by introducing a learning framework to explore opportunities, understand the real challenges and identify the best possible solutions for our community. We want to get it right.


By introducing mentoring schemes between schools and sharing good practice, we can help equalise opportunity and help our students access the skills they need to participate in the workforce. We need to raise the ambitions of students who fail to attain their academic potential and make sure that there is the opportunity for life-long learning that is necessary in today’s economy. Sound education, proper nutrition, and a healthy, sustainable environment are possible. New technology will help us address the pollution problems near our schools.

Electoral and Governance reform

RBKC needs an overhaul to build up its capacity to deliver. Create systems that are designed to address the needs of residents. Tax and spending reform will help us make sure that we are investing in the future. New local systems to devolve power and create transparency and a new electable accountable Mayor to push through change.

64% of residents recently polled are likely to vote for Advance and our new approach.

We are a dynamic participatory movement looking to change the conversation in local politics from a top down approach to a more community based vision of how RBKC can be run.

Our borough and our country will be as strong as the people who make it up.

Where there is a problem, there should always be a solution.

When someone goes after any community, they go after us all and we step up as one.

There are huge gaps

  • Politically we have to engage with our communities to make sure that we understand what is happening on the most local level and to ensure that politicians and residents all remember that good politics and good government is dynamic and participatory.
  • Housing is fundamental to the health and prosperity of individuals, communities and the country.  We have to be resourceful and innovative to address structural problems so we can make housing work.
  • Intergenerational inequality and the lack of economic mobility in certain sectors of our population must be addressed in order for our community to prosper.
  • Our infrastructure is struggling under the strain of poor investment, increasing usage, and climate change and tired, out-of-date thinking.
  • Our population is ageing so we must maintain and improve the NHS and Social Care to deal with this.
  • Pollution is killing us and making us sick.  We need a programme of short and long-term solutions.
  • The future of work is changing, we need to prepare and ready ourselves for the new skills that will come with the arrival of AI. There are opportunities and challenges and with investment and planning we can be at the forefront.

This is a moment to see more, and to see better the community and the country we live in. There are political solutions to the things that concern us. We get to choose a path forward that reflects our values, our reality, and that provides fairness for everyone who lives and works in RBKC.

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