Air Pollution
A healthy and sustainable environment is possible.

Current Story

Pollution is killing us and making us sick. Over 9600 people die from air pollution in London every year. Our local kids play under the Westway and asthma in London caused by urban environment is on the rise. Schools, particularly near the Westway, are pollution problem areas. The Lancet published a study this year showing that due to air pollution people who live near major roads are 12% more likely to get Alzheimer’s than those who do not.


Advance Vision

We need a programme of short-term and long-term solutions to improve the quality of our air. This is a complex problem that will require engagement from the community and collaboration to change the status quo. We need to work with experts to find innovative solutions to the problems and improve local knowledge and understanding.


Advance Proposes


  • Provide filtration systems in classrooms.
  • Change the enforcement of no idling, more people to enforce this illegal practice to stamp it out.
  • Support a new Clean Air Act.
  • Provide monitors for levels of pollution, so that we know when children can play outside.
  • Work with the Mayor’s office to fast track clean air schemes for local schools particularly those near the Westway to advocate for London to put up barriers that reduce pollution in the area surrounding the A40.
  • Support cyclists by working with the London Mayor and TfL to create Kensington and Chelsea cycle superhighways.
  • Provide electric parking facilities and incentives to change from petrol and diesel to other forms of transport.