Advance on Crossrail

We are all about looking after our neighbours and neighbourhoods, so our position is quite simple. It depends on locality. In Chelsea not only have the residents have spoken but also the costs make it a huge concern, and we are with the residents, they do not want the station in Chelsea, so nor do we. In the North, however, we would wish to see a station to allow a whole new area of housing to be built and we will work very hard to create the potential for that site to become a reality.

Crossrail 1 in Kensington:

In Kensal Gasworks we support a station. Helping the local site achieve 5,000 new homes is an objective that Advance are adamant should be of the highest priority for the council after May 2018.There is a gap between stations on the existing line that we could fill. The station would be on the surface, not tunnelled, and thus in the millions not billions to deliver. We know it will add a lot of affordable houses, jobs and much needed transport to the area whilst utilising a large industrial waste land.

Crossrail 2 in Chelsea:

it is a huge investment of more than £1 billion of public money which lacks any transport justification or financial basis and fails to meet the criteria upon which Crossrail 2 is based. In Chelsea we do not support the Crossrail 2 station – the local residents made it quite clear on numerous occasions how they felt about this station, extensively in 2015. We wouldn’t be doing our job and responding to our community if we did not make it completely clear that we do not support this station being built.