Sound education, proper nutrition, and a healthy and sustainable environment is possible for everyone.

Current Story

Knowledge and resources aren’t evenly distributed in the borough; the council needs to provide the building blocks for careers and inspiration for children. After school clubs have lost funding and resources and this has long-term implications. If young men and women do not feel connected, valued, and interested in their community, their education suffers; if home life is fractured they transfer loyalty to groups that may become involved in illegal activities and violence. Too many have lost their lives or been scarred for life by gang related violence, this needs a new approach.


Advance Vision

This borough has incredible schools and they can work together to improve everyone’s chances. After Grenfell, private schools supported and helped many who couldn’t attend their own school. Let’s build on that positive experience. Engaging the local community, collaborating with business and the council, RBKC can provide extraordinary work experience, apprenticeships, and internships opportunities. Let’s use our resources to support children who have poor attendance and low curriculum performance in their early years.  Engage young people in the life of our community so they feel they have ownership.


Advance Proposes

Community collaboration


  • Corporate Social Educational Programme – this will engage private firms who are based in the area to contribute to the community by putting money and time in for skills/ facilities and identifying internship opportunities and advice.
  • Establish and support multi-faceted Mentor schemes and Apprenticeship schemes within the borough to build long term corporate investment and responsibility in the community.
  • ‘Buddy Scheme’ run through local community centres, supported by the council. This would allow a partnership of students and teachers, which would exchange skills and knowledge from exchanging experiences, knowledge and environments.
  • Support local community groups to invest in programmes using the skills that we have locally.
  • Support Mentorship and Mediation programmes run by the community for vulnerable individuals.
  • Ensure that there are opportunities available for life-long learning in RBKC so that residents are able to compete in the modern economy.
  • Better utilise the facilities of Wornington College in North Kensington for long term adult education to create viable change, particularly with the arrival of AI (artificial intelligence) and the need to re-skill workforces.
  • Revisit to stop the cuts to special needs funding for children, we believe taking care of the vulnerable in our community is key just like we would in our family.