Hello, my name is Eryl Humphrey Jones and I am your Chelsea Riverside Advance Together Candidate

Hello, my name is Eryl Humphrey Jones. I’ve lived at World’s End since 1977 and I would very much like to represent you and our neighbourhood as an Advance Together Counciller in the Council. I brought up my daughter here in Chelsea and cannot imagine calling anywhere else home.

But it’s important to me that the council starts to treat all its residents properly. Social housing residents have been forced to tolerate poor service, our concerns have been dismissed or ignored for too many years. The council has been derelict in its duty of care for all, and this is what has to change. Our voices have been heard but ignored.

As a long-term resident of RBK&C I have a particular interest in the built environment and have been involved in various regeneration projects as a resident member of planning teams. I want to protect our environment and make sure planning and development respects the rights of all existing residents and communities.

I believe local politics is not about political parties, but about getting good people into Council. Please vote for me and the Advance Together party in the local Council election.

Eryl Humphrey Jones is the Advance Together Candidate for Holland Ward

Eryl Humphrey Jones

Please vote for Eryl Humphrey Jones in the Council election on 3rd May 2018








Please vote for Eryl Humphrey Jones in the Council elections on 3rd May 2018

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