EU Community

We are postively pro-Remain. We feel that it is critical to be good friends, neighbours, and citizens by promoting opportunity and human rights and ensuring that no one is discriminated against based upon race, sex, age, colour, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion or physical disability. When someone goes after any community we have to stand up against that. We are standing up for our EU expats.


Current Story

Ignored, sidelined, and used as bargaining chips. 24% of our community comes from the EU. They are our family, friends and neighbours. We are the only independent party opposed to in and we will fight for our borough and All our neighbours!


It is deeply concerning that Councils who have used EU funds to help new business start-ups, create new jobs, roll out broadband and build new infrastructure are now looking at the loss of this income without currently any real idea of the replacement.


Advance Vision

We must advance beyond left and right putting people above politics and defending our neighbourhoods – that means being Pro as the only choice for our area – to stop the uncertainty, to ensure rights and defend the economy! 


We will support Councillors running from our EU community to have their say and make sure their voice is heard.


  • Those coming from EU can vote in local elections.
  • Resident EU nationals can stand to become a Councillor.


Advance Proposes


Community engagement

  • How you vote on May 3rd places pressure on the National Government, voting Pro-Remain will present the message that neither Labour or Conservatives are currently listening to Kensington and Chelsea residents.
  • Surgeries for our EU residents to help clarify their position and support them in this time of uncertainty.
  • EU Nationals European Passport Return Service – when people apply for services from the Home office they can keep possession of their passport.