One night in Kensington and Chelsea changed many of us forever, we watched in pain and horror as the flames engulfed loved ones in the worst national catastrophe since the war. Grenfell was a defining moment in the national consciousness, for those who live and work locally it has been in part about grief, loss and sorrow and for many of us it is now about long term change, reform and renewal. The community locally came together in a way that was incredible with great strength, respect and power.

Some of our candidates have become part of this independent movement because of Grenfell and their mantra is that they will never be absent again because sometimes the only way to seek and provide change is through political will.

We will

  • Continue to support rehabilitation of those families who have suffered because of the Grenfell tragedy.
  • Support a strategic and co-ordinated effort to house people in a way that reflects their individual and unique needs, in a time scale that fits to the individual.
  • Continue to work in partnership with the voluntary sector to strengthen our offering of mental health and wellbeing support for those who have suffered in the Grenfell tragedy.
  • This could mean an increase in grants and funding to our voluntary sector organisations to help us in the delivery of this service.
  • Ensure that an appropriate disaster recovery plan is in place for any unforeseen tragedy in the borough. The plan prior to Grenfell was not fit for purpose.