Heathrow Airport Expansion

What does Advance believe is the best thing for the people of RBKC?

We think that this means we are really at risk of spending billions to deliver something that is already twenty years out-of-date by the time it is ready.

  1. Aviation is changing. New aircraft are changing airlines’ behaviour by allowing economically viable point-to-point flying with less dependency on superhubs like Heathrow.
  2. Environmental impact assessment rests on the assumption carbon cap-and-trade deals will permit “write-off” of much of the carbon cost. There is as yet no evidence of this. We need to be honest about environmental costs.
  3. The unpredictability of fuel prices over the decade required to deliver the new runway or the ability of infrastructure to supply adequate fuel to an expanded airport mean that long-term viability is uncertain.
  4. Given the changes already in the economy because of Brexit, it would be wise to revisit the business case.
  • We believe the issue should be revisited with an open mind about the future of aviation; and that
  • South-Eastern capacity expansion can be delivered cheaper and quicker at Gatwick; and that
  • existing capacity can be used in more modern and changing ways to ensure that resources are more efficiently distributed. In particular;
  • ensuring larger aircraft deliver more capacity using fewer slots on popular routes like London-New York; and
  • restricting the right of domestic carriers to take up valuable capacity at Heathrow, possibly compensating them by increasing utilisation of City airport for short-haul.