This borough has some of the most incredible markets, Portobello and Golborne is world famous, and alongside that we have a fantastic array of farmers markets.

Portobello and Golborne Market is under threat. As a mixed market with antiques, new goods and second hand goods there is an extraordinary array of products but that also means it needs a careful and strategic approach that understands this variety and how best to protect it.

We want to keep the vibrant, diverse market that is representative of the neighborhood and wider borough. We’d like to support the market become a beacon for no plastic, support entrepreneurship schemes coming out of it and we want to create a working eco-system that provides support for locals, resident and traders the right environment for a long term sustainable and wonderful market.

We believe there is potential to have the market as no parking on a Friday too but need to work with stallholders to make this viable.

We’d love to create local Licensing for buskers and introduce a ‘Busk RBKC’ certificate issued by a Community Busking Committee so that we can ensure that what is special and unique about the market is played in every tune.