Hello, my name is Micki Rogers and I am your Abingdon Advance Together Candidate

I have lived in Kensington and Chelsea for over 30 years, arriving in the UK after obtaining an economics degree and a stint in shipping in Germany. Following a brief career in investment banking, I threw myself into bringing up four children and later became a yoga teacher and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. My role as a mother as well as my current profession, have shown me how important good education and health, both physical and mental, are for the well being of not only an individual, but our community as a whole. I feel passionate about improving services and facilities in these particular areas.

In my role as a Silver Line volunteer, I have become increasingly aware of the extent of loneliness, affecting particularly, but not only, older people. I want to create spaces for our wonderfully diverse community to come together and help combat isolation and its related feelings of depression, boredom and anxiety.

I have lost faith in the main parties to deliver what our community and country needs. This is why I have joined Advance Together, a group of enthusiastic, gifted and committed individuals to whom people matter more than politics.

I am a European and strongly support the EU expat community in our borough. Please vote for me and the Advance Together party in the local Council election.

Micki Rogers is the Advance Together Candidate for Holland Ward

Micki Rogers

Please vote for Micki Rogers in the Council election on 3rd May 2018








Please vote for Micki Rogers in the Council elections on 3rd May 2018

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