Hello, my name is Nadia Boujettef and I am your Colville Advance Together Candidate

Hello, my name is Nadia Boujettef. I was born just off Portobello Road and would very much like to represent you and our neighbourhood as an Advance Together Councillor in the Council.

Having worked in education for the last 15 years, I am passionate about working with young people. I believe the local community should be represented in the council and be part of the decision making process.

I have lived in the borough all my life as have my children. We have a strong connection with this area and the people who live here. I run a family support group that assists parents and children with educational issues in RBKC. I know first hand just how important strong community support for learning is for creating opportunity for our young people and families.

I will work tirelessly to improve the outcomes for all. I always believe in people first and politics later. There is no task I won’t tackle to help the needs of local people.

I am a European and strongly support the EU expat community in our borough. Please vote for me and the Advance Together party in the local Council election.

Nadia Boujettef is the Advance Together Candidate for Holland Ward

Nadia Boujettef

Please vote for Nadia Boujettef in the Council election on 3rd May 2018








Please vote for Nadia Boujettef in the Council elections on 3rd May 2018

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