We want to make this borough the best it can be. That won’t be easy, so many failings have happened close to home and rebuilding trust with the council and Councillors locally is critical. We have many ideas of how to create change and make the difference and we’ve laid some of them out here – Advance Together Pledges – many are also on pages on this website.

This isn’t a manifesto like the other parties will produce because we don’t trust ‘manifesto’s’ anymore. The most recent Conservative manifesto, of 2017, has had most of its promises reversed, Labour at the last election produced a local manifesto that they knew they could not implement because it went against their national one. So we are tired of the lies.

We will fight to make this borough and our neighbourhoods more equal, build homes for all incomes, stop reducing the number of police officers, improve early and adult education facilities, for cleaner air for our children and use sensible, strategic and long term approaches to complex problems because short term fixes aren’t working.