Sound education, proper nutrition, and a healthy and sustainable environment is possible for everyone.

Current Story

Government’s austerity program has forced the London Mayor to look at short term wins like selling off the local police station and hollowing out the force. Proactive policing and local knowledge will be lost.


Advance Vision

Being able to report crime locally is key, as both residents and criminals know there are police officers nearby to rescue /stop you. When you’ve had £20,000 of goods stolen from your stall, all you want is your beat bobby to help.

We want to maintain a police station in Notting Hill, so we are looking at ways that we could do that.

Advance Plans

Our plans for Reducing Crime are also about Investing in Education

  • We will prioritise investing in police officers, the budget is being cut (from £1.5- to £1.2mill) reducing our police officers from 41 to 34, by the present council, and we don’t believe that is the right approach.
  • We will work with the communities in our borough to recognise vulnerable young people before they move into crime.
  • Use the council as the focal point for information, to make it a ‘first call’ resource for all.
  • We will evaluate technology solutions that make our residents feel safer and more secure
  • Ensure that residents have a quick way to disseminate information about criminal activity and incidents to each other – new apps should be adopted in RBK&C, helping reporting and allowing people to feel empowered.  
  • Implement self-defence courses in the after school curriculum to ensure children learn to be vigilant and aware
  • Corporate Social Educational Programme – this will engage private firms who are based in the area to contribute to the community by putting money and time in for skills/ facilities and identifying internship opportunities and advice.
  • Establish and support multi-faceted Mentor schemes and Apprenticeship schemes within the borough to build long term corporate investment and responsibility in the community.