Hello, my name is Ritika Handa and I am your Pembridge Advance Together Candidate

Hello, my name is Ritika Handa. I have lived in this borough for a number of years and would very much like to represent you and our neighbourhood as an Advance Together Councillor in the Council.

I consider myself a Londoner and I am raising my family here working in marketing and events. I have chosen to stand as a candidate because I want to see a more inclusive, more united community, where everyone is welcome and everyone has a voice.

I believe conservation is vital for maintaining the history and beauty of our neighbourhood. I also know that Portobello Market and Notting Hill Carnival are the borough’s cultural heritage and need more support from the Council in order to remain world class in quality as well as fame.

I am a European and strongly support the EU expat community in our borough. Please vote for me and the Advance Together party in the local Council election.

Ritika Handa is the Advance Together Candidate for Holland Ward

Ritika Handa

Please vote for Ritika Handa in the Council election on 3rd May 2018








Please vote for Ritika Handa in the Council elections on 3rd May 2018

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