Hello, my name is Sonia Mihelic and I am your Campden Advance Together Candidate

Hello, my name is Sonia Mihelic. I’m your neighbour, on Campden Hill Road and I would very much like to represent you and our neighbourhood as an Advance Together Councillor in the Council.

My passion is community engagement and making a real difference in people’s day-to-day lives – at their schools, on their local streets and in their homes. I am committed to making this neighbourhood better for us all. I want to see better traffic planning to fix the flow and improve the resulting extra pollution on and around High Street Kensington. I support bringing planning decisions to a more local level, to better suit the individual needs in our ward.

I want the Council to be accountable for the money being spent. I have lived in the borough for 13 years, and my three children were born here. This is my home. I have an international, multi-lingual background and an MBA from Columbia University.

I believe local politics is not about political parties, but about getting good people into Council.
I am a European and strongly support the EU expat community in our borough. Please vote for me and the Advance Together party in the local Council election.

Sonia Mihelic is the Advance Together Candidate for Holland Ward

Sonia Mihelic

Please vote for Sonia Mihelic in the Council election on 3rd May 2018








Please vote for Sonia Mihelic in the Council elections on 3rd May 2018

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