Shared Objectives
for Candidates of Advance

Many goals can only be achieved over the long term and we believe that we must start aiming for them now.


  1. This is an opportunity for candidates to come forward from different communities across the borough.
  2. We aim to represent the diversity of the borough.
  3. Candidates will be good friends, neighbours, and citizens by promoting opportunity and human rights and ensuring that no one is discriminated against based upon race, sex, age, colour, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion or disability. When someone goes after any community we have to stand up against that.
  4. Accept and live by the 7 Nolan Principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.
  5. We agree to abolish the ‘cabinet system (recently re-named executive)’ that the RBKC Council currently has in place to make administrative decisions, as it lacks accountability to constituents and other elected council members. We would advocate the return to the committee system with planning devolved to local area committees.
  6. The KCTMO replacement – We consider a Community Land Trust as a potential replacement vehicle as long as it is held accountable through community engagement and participation. There should be scrutiny and review of complaints of any organisation (s) that replace KCTMO. Ensuring that plans to upgrade social housing are followed through in a timely and effective manner. Ensure that there is adequate maintenance of properties.
  7. Development of a long-term plan for RBKC, through a borough wide participatory consultation, that can be used as a blueprint for planning RBKCs future. Reviewing existing development plans especially those that have languished and consider what the borough can do to provide impetus for developers to honour their commitments.
  8. Challenge the sell-off of public properties and hold other public bodies to a high standard of accountability for their decision-making.
  9. Protect residents of RBKC who are EU Nationals in both services and by lobbying the government.
  10. Set policies that reduce pollution and improve health by managing construction and delivery traffic, creating parking bays for electric cars, and putting air filtration systems in school classrooms.
  11. Lobby the government for changes that benefit all RBKC residents, such as council tax rebanding.
  12. Prioritise initiatives to train young people with the help and sponsorship of local businesses.


Policies to address Harassment, alarm and distress:


As a new movement we feel strongly that those who work with us, help us, and are involved with us should know exactly what our policy is when it comes to bullying and harassment. We have no tolerance for behaviour that makes people feel harassed, alarmed, or distressed. We have looked at the policies of ACAS and feel that they help prevent or resolve workplace problems. This is the guidance that they provide and we will be using it as the basis for any problems that occur. See here


Annabel Mullin is the point of contact if you have any concerns –