Who we are

  • advance launched as a political movement on November 8th 2017.
  • advance is a diverse group of politically-engaged residents who are seeking to change the culture of poor governance in the borough, and have pledged to do the right thing for all residents.
  • advance will field candidates across all 18 wards of the borough in the local elections of May 2018 and aims to get a mandate to agitate for greater transparency and accountability within the council.
  • advance believes that the narrow demands of party politics has ill-served the people of Kensington & Chelsea.
  • advance candidates voted on to the Council next May will work for the interests of all residents, not for a political party.
  • advance was conceived during the General Election campaign period in April/May 2017, where the huge disconnect between the Council and its residents became apparent. The horrific tragedy of Grenfell exposed even further the gross incompetence at the Council and the need for change.

Our pledge

We are self-funded through personal donations.

We are independent and not associated with any other organisation – political or otherwise.

We have contact information published, including a postal address, but we do not wish to spend money on renting office space at this time.

We are in the process of registering as a political party.

All candidates for election, once selection process complete, will be declared on our website.

Our People


advance is led by Annabel Mullin, an experienced and highly-regarded local politician who fought for the Kensington seat at the last general election on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. She was instrumental in ending the Conservative stranglehold on the seat and won widespread approval for her personal style of campaigning.

Claire van Helfteren

Founder Member
Head of Candidates

Claire Curran

Founder Member
Head of Communications

Melvyn Akins

Founder Member
Strategy and Engagement

Simon Kelner

Founder Member


Carol Grose

Founder Member
Strategic Lead

Ilyan Kovatchev

Founding Member
Head of Digital

Noor Jehan Dhanani

Founder Member
Education Advisor

Mark Sautter







Luc van




Latest News

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