Windrush Children

What is this about:

Recent changes to the law mean that if you wish to

  • work,
  • rent property or
  • have access to benefits and services in the UK

then you will need documents to demonstrate your right to be in the UK.

Some individuals have lost documents or never applied for them over the long period of time they have been in the UK. This is not only a problem experienced for the Windrush community, largely West Indies, but also immigrants from East Africa who had lived in the UK for up to 50 years but were now told they have no status.

The key point:

If you entered the UK before 1 January 1973 then the chances are you are entitled to live here permanently. The 1971 Immigration Act gave Commonwealth citizens already living in the UK indefinite leave to remain – but few records were kept of those granted this right.

Your status is only broken following a long period outside of the UK (2 years).

How we can help:

Our candidates, potential Councillors, can support you through this. Whilst we cannot give you legal advice we can sign post where and what you need to do to help your case and we can be with you to make the process easier. and each candidate has an email on their page. Thank you

Collect as much evidence as possible:

The Home Office are opening a new team and a new website to support people going through this. We will update you of these details ASAP.

To help your position the Home office ask that you build a picture of your life. So details of

  • your family,
  • where you went to school,
  • what you studied,
  • your work history and
  • your homes in the UK.

Any Documents that you have are good, so collect anything and everything that shows any details of who you are and what you have done would be amazing.


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